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Pair up the children. In those pairs number them 1 and 2.Ask number 1's to stand in a circle. Then number 2’s stand in the middle of the circle and find out one fact about another number 2. They then tell this to their partner (number 1).

Distinctly Beautiful Youth Game

For this game, you will need paper and a pen/pencil.Background info: This game is meant to build up the self-esteem of youth. Sometimes they may look at themselves and see something they don't like. This game is focusing on what makes them beautiful in their own way. It was inspired by preaching, a movement started by a poet, and Song of Solomon 4:7.

Dirty Mouth Youth Game

Buy 2 tubes of cheap toothpaste.Split the group into 2 teams.Have some sort of incentive or reward.Have each team squirt all their toothpaste out, the team to put all their toothpaste back in thetube using just their hands wins. They'll soon find it is impossible!The game correlates with hurtful words, once they come out they can't go back in.

Crossword Names Youth Game

A good game for groups that are relatively new, this activity will encourage people to learn each other's names.Give each person a piece of paper and a pen. Start out by asking them to write their name in capital letters in the middle of the page. Each person then moves around the room inviting others to "attach" their name to the crossword.

Cracker Ping Pong Youth Game

For this game, you need a table with a line of masking tape down the center of the table dividing the table into two (like a table tennis table without a net).Ask for two volunteers - one at either end. The volunteers must kneel down and put their hands behind their back.The object of the game is to blow the table tennis ball past their opponent at the other end of the table.

Crab Soccer Youth Game

Split up into two teams. Each team lines up on one side of a small soccer field, with goals at either end. The goals can be proper goals or two chairs; The field can be any size - it depends on the size of your group but it can be half the size of a basketball court.Players on both teams are assigned a number, starting at "1" on each team.

Concentration Youth Game

This game works best for groups around 10-20 people in size. It's a fun game to help teams develop their concentration, memory and observation skills. Split the group into two teams and have them line up in two lines facing each other.

Comedy Hour Youth Game

Form pairs. Ask each partner to complete any three of the following sentences: The funniest television commercial I've seen this year is...The most needlessly repeated phrase a parent or teacher ever used with me is...The best (clean) joke I've heard recently is...The funniest person I've ever met is...The funniest face I've ever seen someone make is...

Clan And Tribe Youth Game

Tell kids that they're going to form different groups or "clans". Ask group members to choose from the list of animals below they most identify with. Keep choices secret.After everyone has chosen a clan, have group members walk around silently shaking hands with everyone else in the room. Each person should shake the number of times specified by his or her clan.

Most groups have a Christmas theme night at some stage towards the end of the year, so we thought we'd build up a list of Christmas ideas for your group.Here's a couple of ideas to get things started.Community Service - Christmas is an ideal time to do something for the community. Imagine the impact if you set up a free gift wrapping service at your local shopping mall.

Chinese Pictionary Youth Game

This game is a cross between The Telephone Game and Pictionary.Divide your group up into teams of 4. For larger groups, you can extend the team size to 6.Ask the first member of each team to gather in close then whisper a sentence, object or phrase to them. For example, "Christmas Time" or "Boys playing basketball".

Cheeto Toss Youth Game

Super easy, messy, fun game! Best works with small groups or at a Kids Camp up on stage.Have a few groups of two people. One person will put shaving cream (or whipped cream) put all over their face. From a distance, the partner will toss cheetos toward the other participant, trying to get them to stick.
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