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Time is Tricky Group Activity

A simple problem-solving exercise for small and large groups to estimate the amount of time they will take to cover a certain distance.

Pick up all the cards

This is a fast-paced, highly energetic and hilarious activity that will occupy everyone at the same time.

Nutstacker Minute to Win It

Nutstacker Minute to Win It GameThe concept of the Nutstacker Minute to Win It game is simple. You need to stack the metal nuts which are placed on a chopstick on top of each other onto the surface of a table or counter. However, if you try it yourself you will see how difficult it is to accomplish.

Count those Fingers

This is a quick energiser activity that can be used in groups of all sizes and with lots of different variations.

Cross the River Group Team Building Activity

Cross the River Game During the game, members are required to safely move across a Cross the River. Everybody who is on the team, is not allowed to touch the water or river and must utilize platforms in order to cross the river safely.

Electric Fence Team Building Activity

Electric Fence Team Building ActivityThe purpose of this exercise is for the whole group to pass over the fence without making contact with the fence wire. There are two variants to this exercise such as: There is the fundamental and also the more difficult variant. Both of these two variants are excellent for perfecting working together and relying on each other.

Bamboo Structure Team Building Activity

Bamboo Tower Team Building ActivityYour group lost their way in a bamboo plantation and they only have one opportunity to make it out. They desperately need to make contact with the tribe from the nearby settlement before the sun goes down. In order to get this right, the group must erect 2 separate structures that support themselves, and each structure must be 6 M high.

Butt Them Over

Butt them over Ice Breakers GameThis is an energetic bodily exercise, fun game and is meant for small areas. This exercise is loads of fun, as the pairs look so clumsy, you will have outbursts of laughter occurring all the time. Before we start, just a word of caution, try not to mention the name of the game just yet. There may be certain shy individuals that may take offence.

Catch It If You Can

Catch it if you can Energizer and Ice Breaker Benefits of Catch it if you canThe game has some great benefits for all participants, here are a few:The game is very energetic and a great form of exerciseIt is something everybody can enjoy and also have fun with.This activity can also help to improve fine motor skills.This game is a fun and interactive activity that is simple to plan and complete.

Duck Duck Goose Game

Duck Duck Goose Game Fun and active tag gameStep by Step Instructions:To play this game, there should be at least 5 playersHave everyone sit in a circleOne player must walk around the circle and tag a person on their head and yell ‘Goose’This person or ‘Goose’ then runs around and must tag the player or ‘It” before they run around and sit in their spot in the circle.

Silent Blackjack Group Activity and Game

This is a fun and highly interactive group activity involving many variations.Silent Blackjack Group GameEverybody at one point in their lives, has played with a deck of playing cards. There are so many games and tricks you can do with a simple deck of cards. Blackjack is a well-known and popular card game, for this activity we are going to be playing a challenging group version of the card game.

Discover the Key Group Activity and Game

Think out the box for this activity, great for small to medium size groups. Benefits of Discover the KeyHelps to improve observation and listening skillsYou don’t require any special equipment or propsIt is a short activity, therefore great for those times when you need to fill up a bit of space in a program.The game is a great way to develop critical and ‘out of the box’ thinking.
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