Virtual Team Building Events

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The Body Comm Game is a basic but, on some levels, profound communication activity and exercise which encourages creativity and out of the box thinking.

The Bobsled Group Energizer Game

The Bobsled Game is a hilarious and highly-energetic group energizer that is sure to get the group going. This energizer can be used for all size groups and with any age. No props are needed and it can also be used as a time filer or even as a stand alone activity.

Celebrity Group Game

Celebrity Group GameCelebrity is a great group audience-style game which allows team members to use their creative and collaborative skills in identifying the celebrities in a scintillating and hilarious manner.

Leaky Pipe Challenge Team Building

Leaky Pipe Challenge Team BuildingPlace a ping pong ball into a pipe, which is drilled full of holes. The group now needs to recover the ball using water, before the allotted time runs out.  In order to get this right the groups are supplied with a bucket full of water and a number of cups. The groups are expected to finish the exercise by working together and overcoming any difficulties.

You Are On My Lap

You Are On My Lap is a Interactive get-to-know-you circle game which involves movement. This game is better suited to a group that know each other for a while.

Minute To Win It Games

Minute to Win it Games are easy to play and should be a hit at any kind of party. You could easily incorporate the games into any theme you might have. The games are very versatile and can be used for an individual game, team or group games, why not try it out at as a team building game for work. No matter what age players are, there is a game for everyone.

Ready Spaghetti Minute To Win It Game Fun Games

This Game is played by 2 participants. The challenge is to move empty soda cans using only dry spaghetti noodles and their mouths. This sounds very odd, but it is extremely fun.The goal of Ready Spaghetti is to move the pyramid of soda cans from one table to another and create another small pyramid with the cans.

Marble Run Group Team Building Activity

Marble Run Game and Team Building ActivityPlayers must come together and apply team work in order to move a marble through the provided tubing from start to finish. The marbles are not allowed to be exposed or to touch the floor. The course can have no obstacles or can include obstacles participants must navigate through.

Slow Mo Marbles Group Activity

Slow Mo Marbles Group ActivityDivide larger groups into teams of 8 -12 members. Provide each team with 2 rolls of Sellotape and 2 full pieces of flip-chart paper. Each team must now come up with ideas for creating something that will keep marbles rolling as far as they can go. These marble movers will then be tested out and the team that can make their marbles travel the furthest, wins the game.

Radio Play Group Activity

Radio Play Sound Production ActivitySuggested Learning OutcomesThe activity is great for developing creative thinkingTime management skills come into playTeam work and communicationTeams must work alongside each other to produce and then perform a radio play. In other words, the performance requires no acting. Once teams have finished preparing, they will then have to perform their play.

Acro What Group Puzzle Game

This is an awesome game to be used for an ‘arrival’ activity.  When you have enough people present make an ‘unofficial’ start by getting this activity going. Within a couple of minutes, you will have fostered engagement, created laughter and successfully started your program.

Build Your Dinky Car Group Activity

The group activity involves building a vehicle using limited resources within a set amount of time. Watch the excitement as the time and resources run out.
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