Virtual Team Building Events

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You ve Got The Moves Game

Get the group rocking with this great energizer that will even get those with two left feet rocking along. Inclusive dance and sing along which will be remembered long after the day is done.

Charades on Steroids Team Building Activity

Charades on Steroids is as the name suggests a beefed version of Charades with a bit of a twist.  This entertaining game is sure to get full participation of everyone and great take-away memories. READ FULL ACTIVITYhttps://workrfun.wpmudev.

Sorting It Out Team Building Activity

Sorting It Out Team Building GameSorting It Out is a fast paced fun yet challenging group initiative which addresses problem-solving skills and the benefits of collaboration and effective communication.

Busted Ice-Breaker Game

Busted Ice Breaker ActivityFun Group Ice-Breaker and can also be used with children as an energizer. Bound to create a lot of laughter and on occasion interesting disputes that are not serious but fun.

Groupie Truth and Lie

Groupie Truth and Lie Ice Breaker and EnergizerInteresting group variation of the popular and well know two truth and a lie game. People love to learn about each other and this fascinating group based ice-breaker activity plays on these dynamics.

Groupies Ice-Breaker Activity

Groupies Ice BreakersThis amazing and highly-interactive group exercise works incredibly well to mix your group up and break cliques in a short space of time. Always a winner.

Cat and Mouse Group Activity

Cat and Mouse Group Energizer and Ice BreakerAn ideal energizer or ice-breaker solution for large groups with restricted space. The hilarious game will get the group energized and engaged.

No Sevens Allowed

No Sevens Allowed Group Fun GameNo Sevens allowed is a fun and easy counting gameBenefits of No Sevens AllowedYou require absolutely no propsHelps improve listening skillsIt is a fast and fun group gameGreat ice-breaker gameHow to play No Sevens Allowed Group Game A number game, this is something you will either enjoy or dread.

Blind Retriever Team Building

Blind Retriever GameBlind Retriever is an entertaining but interesting blindfold game. Groups are divided into smaller teams and will be competing against each other. The object of the activity is to retrieve colour balls that represent their teams, the first team to do so wins.

Spiders Web Team Building

Spiders Web ActivityThe aim of this exercise is for all the members of the group to move across the entire spiders web, by not going through the same opening more than once. Also, nobody is allowed to touch the web in any way.Required Resources:1 x webbing (tracer rope or other rope)4 x secure poles or 2 trees1 x helmet6 x blindfoldsMarking tapeSpace Required: Small space.

Traffic Jam Team Building

Traffic Jam Team BuildingYou will find that Traffic Jam is a game that requires some careful thinking as well as communication skills. The game could be compared to playing a game of chess. Basically, you have a group of people divided up into two sides or teams. Both of these sides must cooperate with each other to successfully complete the activity.

Tangram Group Game

Tangram Group Game PuzzlesThe Tangram Puzzle is an ancient, truly fascinating Chinese Puzzle. The Tangram is a great brain teaser for both individuals or as a group activity game. This  ingenious math puzzle consists of 7 different shapes that fit together to create a variety of different objects and shapes.
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