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WorkRFun offers a wide variety of instant downloadable Murder Mystery Games that are perfect for company socials, corporate fun days, birthday parties or most social events.  

The downloadable Murder Mystery Script includes detailed instructions on running the game as well as an introductory video to set the scene. 

Fine Art and Murder Story-line 

Rosy Parker is a very well-known art critic, currently working for ‘Sketchy Times Magazine.’ The caustic pieces she wrote about the art world, ended many promising careers. You would be lucky to receive a good review from her, which would catapult an artist to the top and offer great success. But one negative review from her could destroy a career, even if they were the most gifted.

Rosy did not stop there, wherever she went she was sure to make her thoughts known. From expressing her views on food at restaurants to any number of events she attended. Something as simple as the wrong wine selection could have terrible repercussions. She was either loved by her followers or hated by those whose lives she had ruined with her writing skills.

One day, it was broadcast that the visual artist Remmy Brand was coming into town to promote an art exhibit at the World of Art Gallery. Rosy, of course, had to comment and tell everyone that she would again be attending this prestigious event. The last exhibit reviews that Rosy penned of Brand’s works of art, let’s just say, were not very positive.

But will this review ever be printed? Because, as Rosy was spouting her critical words about the artwork as well as the event, she suddenly fell over onto the floor unmoving. The silence following her words, never to utter them or any again.

Was there someone who wanted to silence her disparaging remarks? Who would be so bold as to erase Rosy Brand from the world? Expert skills will be needed to put together this collage to expose the killer.

Guest to the event will role-play the suspects below: 

Primrose Parker – Cousin of Rosy

Rosy and Prim used to be the best of friends until both fell in love, with Leo Vintonio. The outcome of this love triangle, Rosy was the one Leo chose to be with, but would this be a lasting relationship and what would happen if things changed?

Leo Vintonio – Art connoisseur, dealer, and multi-millionaire

What a conundrum, he loved both these beautiful women, buy ultimately Rosy won his heart. Unfortunately for him, Rosy was only after his money and when she got what she wanted, threw him out with nothing. Returning, he was set on showing Rosy what she is missing, after all, he made his fortune once, he can do it again. But how would he accomplish this and has her rejection been simmering within him, waiting for the opportune time to take revenge?

Remmy Brand – Visual Artist

His works of art have been praised by critics worldwide. The only one that called him a ‘fake and fraud’, was Rosy Parker. Many believe these remarks have cost the famous artist millions over the years. Would he be able to stop himself from harming Rosy, because of her outspoken negativity?

Sherry Sham – Forger of Art

Only one bad review from Rosy had ended her career as a valid Abstract Artist. Now, Rosy had written in her column, threatening to uncover Sherry’s illegal undertakings. Did Sherry take this to heart and would she make her move to stop it?

Carrie Casions – Professional Event Planner

She has been trying to rebuild her business after Rosy nearly destroyed her reputation years back. Would Rosy have again made remarks that could have impacted Carrie’s career? Could she have survived another bad report from Rosy her adversary?

Marco Francesco – Chef for all food Italian

Marco was a budding food genius until he one day catered for an event attended by Rosy. Rosy made scathing remarks and most unflattering words towards his food creations. Thus, his business suffered under her malicious expressions. Could this have been the last straw, had Marco snapped and brought down the Fine Art critic.

  • Fine Art and Murder Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

    Fine Art and Murder Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

  • Fine Art and Murder Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

    Fine Art and Murder Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

Fine Art and Murder Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

Basic Details
Property Type : Fun Games
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Fun Games
Focus On : Communication, Creativity, Having Fun, Problem Solving
Outcome Based : Yes
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : Yes
Duration : 26+ minutes
Exertion Level : Low
Group Size : 31+
Age : Children, Youth, Adults