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WorkRFun offers a wide variety of instant downloadable Murder Mystery Games that are perfect for company socials, corporate fun days, birthday parties or most social events.  

The downloadable Murder Mystery Script includes detailed instructions on running the game as well as an introductory video to set the scene. 

Death Bewails Her Story-line 

Meeting together, are women from the Girl-Millionaire Group, which is a very exclusive club consisting of successful women. All these amazing women have achieved their success without the aid of the opposite gender. Leading the group is Blaire Montague, who’s a fashionable and classy line of products attract those with more refined tastes.

The venue for the meeting is aboard The Excelsior, Montague’s luxury yacht. To help with entertaining the guests and to predict each one’s future is a mysterious guest. The renowned Fortune Teller, Madam Madalyn, will use her crystal ball to tell those women gathered around about their coming good fortunes and success.

As the light dims within the room, the Fortune Teller’s face suddenly turns white and her eyes betray her horror. Exclaiming for all to hear, that the crystal ball has predicted somebody’s death. Upon waking the next morning on the yacht, there is a gruesome discovery in the water nearby. Floating face down is the body of a woman. Police are alerted and after a brief investigation determined that the incident was indeed foul play. Somebody has had their life snatched away before their time, ending their climb up the corporate ladder.

Guest to the event will role-play the suspects below: 

Blaire Montague who is the Chairperson and founder of Montague Corporations.

She built her business from scratch to what it is today, a multi-million-dollar company. Many think this came to be, through some very nefarious dealings, such as insider trading.

Lexi Eagle – Professional Golfer

She has become the foremost female golfer of the century, even going so far as to enter the more challenging men’s tournaments.

Marsha Snickers – Chocolate candy heiress

The family company going back generations, but Marsha can be described as being not as sweet as her business.

Jacky Wanting – Head of Power to Women

She has helped many to grow in their careers but has also made many enemies, ending the careers for others.

Sheri Books – Writer of children’s stories

Her books on Emma Walker is what took Sheri from anonymity to being a famous global writer.

Patsy Button – Plays Poker Professionally

She is the best at playing poker and won loads of money at the previous year’s World Poker Tour.

Daisy Brown – Actress and singer

She has been part of many famous shows; the current is said to be in the topping the box-office hits.

Camille Schmidt – Exceptional trial Lawyer

She has taken on some famous cases and is well-known for never having lost a case yet.

Jane Rose – Rodeo rider and cowgirl

She is not scared to ride those bulls and wild mustangs along with the men. There is even a movie been made about her life.

Ariel Brooke – Skipper of The Excelsior

Being a skipper, she has seen the world and can tell many an adventurous tale.

  • Death Bewails Her Murder Mystery Game

    Death Bewails Her Murder Mystery Game

Death Bewails Her Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

Basic Details
Property Type : Fun Games
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Fun Games
Focus On : Communication, Creativity, Having Fun, Problem Solving
Outcome Based : Yes
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : Yes
Duration : 26+ minutes
Exertion Level : Low
Group Size : 31+
Age : Children, Youth, Adults