Virtual Team Building Events

Activity Description

The Name 5 game is very simple.

For this game, all you need is a stopwatch or clock with a second hand.

One participant from each group or team plays the game at a time.

Prepare the different categories in advance and choose the number of categories to be used on the group size and time limitations.

The person is then given a category such as “Cities”. They will have 10 seconds to name 5 things (in this instance City Names) that apply to that category.

The Name 5 game sounds easy, but when the participants are put on the spot it’s fun to see how they react to the time limit. You can make the game harder by introducing a letter with which they must begin. So, for example, “Cities beginning with B’

Here are some ideas for categories:

  • Fruits or Vegetables
  • Types of soup
  • Ice-cream flavors
  • Animal noises
  • Things to do on a date
  • Items or things that have stripes

The Name 5 Game can be played with individuals in a single group, or get teams to compete against each other with players alternating to earn points for their team.  

Name 5 Game

Basic Details
Property Type : Youth Games
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Youth Games
Focus On : Having Fun
Outcome Based : No, just fun
Facilities : Indoor, Outdoor
Props Required : None
Duration : 6 - 15 minutes
Exertion Level : Low
Group Size : 1 - 8, 9 - 16, 17 - 30, 31+
Age : Youth