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Activity Description

The Longest Combined Shadow Group Game

You don’t need complicated activities to have fun, the simplest is usually the best. The only requirement for this activity is to wait for a nice and sunny day. Get everybody outside in a nice open and wide space. Think sports field or even parking lot.

Using anything on hand, mark out a line on the ground. Encourage the group to try and from the longest shadow collectively, starting from the marked area. Supply some limits, which will increase the challenge and lay out some boundaries.

  • The shadow formed by the group must overlap each other forming a complete and continuous shadow.
  • Only the player’s bodies are allowed to form the shadow, no other items or clothes can be used.

Let the group try it out, allow them to reposition themselves, eventually finding a position that works. Also, give the group time to strategize, plan, test and follow through with their ideas. The whole process should only take about 10 -15 minutes.

Observe the groups progress, they should get longer and longer shadows until everyone agrees and records the longest shadow. To extend the game, try out one of the variations available. To get the most out of the exercise, always remember to include some reflection strategies. This will help the group to understand and learn from their experience.

Some handy Framing Ideas for The Longest Combined Shadow Game

Think of how the sun casts a shadow, how far does yours reach? Now think about how we affect those around us. How we can play a role and positively affect those around us, leaving our mark on friends, families and communities? Our legacy.

Is there somebody that has left an impression on you, somebody you admire? Tell us about them and why you admire them. A legacy is something that a person or an organization leaves behind after they have moved on. Shall we leave our mark or legacy as a team in the form of a shadow…?

Do you think there is a way to determine the season a photo was taken in? Look at the shadows, in summer the sun sits high and therefore the shadows will be shorter. In winter shadows will be longer, as the sun sits lower. Let’s play around with our shadows and see if we can solve the next problem…

Step-by-Step Instructions for The Longest Combined Shadow

  • Have everybody step outside, it should be a fine and sunny day. Make sure you play in an open space, such as a field.
  • Invite the group to solve a problem, ask them to position themselves, so as to form the longest shadow possible.
  • Everybody should stand and begin at a marked out starting point.
  • In order to increase the challenge, here are some ground rules:
  • The group must form a shadow as one, all shadows should connect and form a continuous shadow.
  • No props or clothes can be used to extend the shadow, only players bodies are allowed.
  • Give the group a chance to practice for about 10 minutes
  • Once everyone is satisfied with the shadow, it being the longest they can make it, measure it and record the length.

Facilitators Tips

The best time to do this activity would be on a sunny day, but it can also work indoors and at night if you have a bright spotlight. Make sure it is a bright and sunny day  outside, because if there are too many clouds, it may cause the shadow to disappear or become hazy.

The activity works best with smaller groups of 8 to 15 people, as larger groups take up a lot more space, which you might not have.

Debriefing and Reflection Tips

Here are a few questions to ask the group, which will help them to process their experience of playing the game ‘Longest Shadow’

  • What were your feelings about the shadow?
  • Did the group display positive behaviours and teamwork when trying to form the shadow? Using a scale of 1-5, rate the following. 1 being bad and 5 being excellent. (Respond by indicating your response with your fingers)
  • Listening skills of the group
  • Sharing ideas during the activity
  • Positive feedback was clear and helpful.
  • Clear communication
  • Is there a legacy your team left behind after this activity? Were there any positive outcomes? Were there negative aspects?
  • Is there something you can do to reduce any negative aspect? Can you add something positive and helpful?

Popular Variations of The Longest Combined Shadow

  • Single or paired shadows: Invite the group to see who can create the longest shadow as a single person or as a pair.
  • Competition: Make it a competition, form smaller groups, the group recording the longest shadow wins.
  • Longer and more: Instead of only using their bodies to create a shadow, allow them to use other items nearby.
  • Shadow Shape: Have groups form shapes with their shadow, record the shadow with the longest outline. Use any shape – square, triangle, rectangle…
  • Measuring units: Use other forms of measurement, allow groups to come up with their own ideas. For example, use bottles, shoes, bags etc.

The Longest Shadow Group Activity

Basic Details
Property Type : Team Building
Listing Type : Placeholder
Activity Type : Team Building
Focus On : Build Trust, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Having Fun
Outcome Based : Yes
Facilities : Outdoor
Props Required : None
Duration : 6 - 15 minutes
Exertion Level : Medium
Group Size : 1 - 8, 9 - 16, 17 - 30
Age : Children, Youth, Adults